Developments in Abortion Care: Reflections & Future Directions in Scotland

Carrie Purcell, Nicola Boydell, Audrey Brown, John Reynolds-Wright, Jeni Harden, Rachel Wilson-Lowe


On Tuesday 19th October 2021, Nicola Boydell and Carrie Purcell co-hosted a panel session as part of the IRESH Sex, Drugs and Scotland’s Health Conference. The symposium was facilitated by Dr Audrey Brown – chair of the Scottish Abortion Care Providers Network –  with contributions from John Reynolds-Wright, Rachel Wilson-Lowe, Jeni Harden, and Karen Maxwell.

The recording of the session can be viewed here (via conference co-hosts HIV Scotland’s youtube channel):

Developments in Abortion Care



Introduction (Audrey Brown): 00:00

Abortion Norms (Carrie Purcell & Karen Maxwell): 03:49

Women’s & Health Professionals’ Perspectives on Telemedicine Abortion (John Reynolds-Wright & Nicola Boydell): 18:00

Abortion online: Social Support in Virtual Spaces (Rachel Wilson-Lowe): 34:40

Concluding comments / Discussion: 50:25