Women’s experiences of more than one termination of pregnancy within two years: a mixed‐methods study

Carrie Purcell, Julie Riddell, Audrey Brown, Sharon Cameron, Catriona Melville, Gillian Flett, Yeshi Bushan, Lisa McDaid

Journal Article

This 2017 article presents key findings from a study of Women’s Experiences of More Than One Abortion, which was commissioned by the Scottish Government. It integrates qualitative (interview) and quantitative (questionnaire) data, to examine commonalities and differences among women who had sought more than one abortion within a two year period. The analysis highlights that women faced challenges with finding contraception that worked for them, or that their partner was willing to use. It underlines that seeking abortions related to life aspirations, economic and relationship instability, caring responsibilities, and existing mental health or wellbeing concerns. In doing so, the paper highlights the potential vulnerabilities that women who seek more than one abortion in a relatively short window may experience, including around gender-based violence and socio-economic disadvantage.

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