Self‐management of first trimester medical termination of pregnancy: a qualitative study of women’s experiences

Carrie Purcell, Sharon Cameron, Julia Lawton, Anna Glasier, Jeni Harden

Journal Article

This 2017 paper reports on the Integrating Abortion in a Specialist Contraceptive Service study, which was conducted in Scotland in 2013-15. The paper focuses on the experiences of women who had received mifepristone (the first drug used in medical abortion) at a clinic or hospital, and returned home to complete the early medical abortion process (a relatively new model of provision in the UK at the time). Women who took part in the study said they found self-management of the abortion process at home to be either acceptable or preferable. This was especially so where they felt this was a decision which they had made jointly with a health professional, and where they felt support was readily available if needed, and that their experience matched their expectations.

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